DIY Extreme Wet Bag

Our old wetbag. Great single pouch wet bag.
As I have said before... we use cloth diapers.  When you use cloth then you become introduced to SOOO many other neat things..  One of which is the "Wet Bag", which is basically a carry all for wet/dirty things.   I suggest one to any parent, even the 'sposie using ones.    They can be used to carry dirty cloth diapers, wet swim suits, dirty outfits of a potty-training toddler, etc.  home to be washed.

I also use a LARGE wet bag to store my diapers between wash days.  It's a giant camo bag that hangs from the door in the laundry room.  I have also made it a smaller twin that stays in our car, just in case a doctor visit ever becomes a hospital stay, again.
I also have a bought one that lives in my diaper bag but decided I needed to create my own.   It's a nice bag.. I just needed more features.   When we are out in public and I have to change Lil' C  I have to wrestle with not only Lil'C but also the O2 Bag, the diaper bag, the wet bag, the dry wipes bag, the wipes solution, plus the clean and dirty diaper...
So The new bag now is a double pouch, one for dirty diapers (not a big deal with the smartis, they fold in on themselves... but the Flips.. need it) one for clean.  It also has a place for the wipes and a place for the wipes solution.   Plus it has a snapping strap just like the Baby food grinder case.   Yep... and it is black.  A good masculine color that hubby will not be irked (well not much) to carry.
On to the Tutorial!!!
Here are the pieces. (A) Handle, (B) Pouches, (C) Wipes pouch, (D) Wipes solution case

3/4" elastic
Outdoor, waterproof or PUL Fabric
Sewing machine and matching thread
Two 9" Zippers
One Snap

One 11"x 4" (A)
Three 10"x10" (B)
Two 8.5"x 3" (C)
One 5.5" x 3.5" (D)

(A)- Fold in half and sew one end and side.

(A) Turn inside out.  Set aside

(C) create a 1/4" hem on one long side of each piece

(C) Overlap the hemed edges about 1/2"

(C) sew 1" of each end where the pieces overlap.

(D) on short ends create hem over elastic.

(D) use a zig-zag stitch to attach the elastic to (D).  Pull the elastic as you are sewing it to create a nice stretch.

(B) attach one side of each zipper to two (B)s.  Notice that they are sewn on in OPPOSITE directions.  This will make sense later.

(B) lay all three together in above order.  Make sure the non-zippered piece goes over the last side of BOTH zippers.  Sew all 3 layers together.

(B) it should look like this when your done

(B) and (C) decide which exterior (B) will be your front. Line (Cs) up along one edge and the bottom of that (B)  on the open long side of (Cs) fold under a 1/4" seam and top stitch as shown.  Make sure you leave the last 1/2" open.

(B)(C)(D).   Fold the last open end of (Cs) under for another 1/4" seam.  Put (D) under that seam location and top stitch in place.

Place (A) against one edge,  Fold all over Bs over it and Sew down that edge.

Fold (A) in so that you can sew the opposite side without sewing the other end of the handle in it.   But make sure you catch (D) in that seam when you sew it.

Turn Bag inside out and fold in the bottom in and topstitch.

Attach snaps to the handle. I like the pearl slaps so I used that as the back for both ends.. but I cracked one. :(

TAH DAH!  The (B) pouches easily hold 2 Smartipants.


  1. GREAT bag! and your tutorial is nice and clear too!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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