And another one bites the dust... :(

My Guys
Last Wendsday Big C got word back from the last place he interviewed at.. and pooh..  It was his second interview with them too... Plus it would have been a fantastic fit for our family.. :(
Currently he works as a dishwasher/cook for a local restaurant, barely making min wage... 
He has been looking for a good job since shortly after Lil' C was born.   He had a job he liked in OK, but then when all hell broke loose, he had to come back to MS to be with us.  He has interviewed and sent out resume's everywhere...  anytime he gets negative word back I get a text "I hate this state".. It's really eating at him.  This one was probably one of the worst, since it was a second interview and he was really excited about the position..

I know he is not a fan of MS (I think my MIL is part of the reason for that) but I was born here... my family is here... Lil'C's hospital and doctors are here...  The amount of paperwork it would take to move alone would bury us..
We have talked about moving to OK anyway, but the last time we tried his mom said that we/him could not stay with her because she decided to move an hour or so away from the job..  so he would have no where to live and no money since he wouldn't get paid for 30 days, which would still leave Lil'C and I at my parents with no car..

Does anyone know of a job for a 3 class short of a Bachelor in computer sciences?  He does have an associates with many MANY years of food service and customer service?    Preferably in MS or a WAH position?

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