One year old! Both ways!

My big boy :)
Today Christopher is One year old gestationally.  June 17 was my due date.  He was born 15 months ago so he has been a "one year old" for 3 months now. Now when people ask me how old he is I can just say "one year" instead of " __ months old and __ months gestational"  and then have to go into the whole 1 trimester short explanation.

Last year this was one extremely depressing day.  Lil'C was still in the NICU with no end in sight.
Now we are home and growing.  He is playing on the floor in front of me as I type this post :D

She can even monogram this bear!

Something else cool going on...  My Ring Slings and Nursing necklaces are now for sale!  They can be bought at Fireflies and Fairytales in Laurel MS.  Good news.. if you contact her via Facebook she can ship orders.. including anything else she has in the store.  She has some fantastically cute  things in store, you just have to look at her pictures to see.   She also does Monogramming and can do it on lots of the stuff in her store, including the slings! 
It has his own little sign and everything! :)

I understand some people prefer to buy ready-made instead of DIY (my mom is that way) and others, like me, prefer to DIY.  Now I can make both types of reader's happy, plus make a little $ in the process. :D  If you want Ready-made message Lacon, if you DIY go Here for the Necklaces and Here for the sling :)  For those that DIY... all I ask is that you please only make them for personal use/gifts... not for sale.  Thanks!

I hope your having a happy Friday!
What are you up to this weekend?  What color sling would you want?


  1. Happy One Year. I'm sure there is some relief by hitting that milestone!

  2. Happy One Year and Happy simplification of your life...and what a blessing of a healthy, happy, adorable baby!

  3. Happy one year to your precious boy. May he continue to thrive in this next year and for many years to come!


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