I dream of...

Hopefully my mannequin won't be ruined in storage...
A full sewing space!
As I posted the other day.. we are currently staying with my parents until Big C can find a better job... (I wonder how many families are doing that right now...)  In our last house (rental) I had a room just for my sewing/crafts... I miss it..
Currently almost everything is stored in my father's barn, all but  one toolbox worth of supplies, my surger, sewing machine & a small box of fabric.
My sewing feet, most of my knitting needles, most of my crochet hooks, yarn and fabric stash, body double mannequin, patterns, and all my "specialty items" are packed up... I miss them :(
Right now I am living vicariously through Katy at No Big Dill who is getting a brand new sewing room.. all in her favorite color.  An orange sewing room... but I can forgive her for that :P  I'll just make me a green one later :P
Right now ... I dream.

What are you dreaming of right now?


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  3. Kiran you surely have an interesting blog!

  4. Great talent
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