I got my first blog award!! :D

Check it out!  I got my very first award!!  :D
Big 'ol' thanks to Melissa at Our Monkey Life.  I think we have a simmilar since of humor...  so if you like reading my blog, you will probably enjoy hers.  Check her out. ....   seriously... I'll wait......

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Flats Challenge

We only partally praticipated in the challenge.  Lil' C did get some flats in his rotation.. Well .. flannel blanket "flats".

DIY babywearing sling

It's fun!

Monday I posted about Babywearing.  I have a tutorial for ya'll!! :D   DIY baby sling!


Our first time Babywearing in the NICU or "Rooing"
We babywear  Lil' C anytime we are in public.  We do this for 2 reasons, ease of movement and health reasons. 

Cloth Diapering in the Hospital

We have already established that I'm a cloth diapering Mama.. really .. it isn't that hard.
The LAST time he ever wore 'sposies.
But cloth in the hospital takes some maneuvering....  The last two times Lil'C has had a hosptal stay (one over night and one for about a week) we used cloth.   The time before (his open heart surgery) he used the hospital provided Dry Max Pampers......  OMG... his poor poor bum..  Chemical burn.  So I swore then to avoid 'sposies from then on.
So how do you use cloth in the hospital?
There are a few ways.

Flats Challenge

Lot's of wiggling going on
Next week is the DDL Flats Hand-washing Challenge.   For me it could not have come at a better time.  Lil' C is cutting teeth.  How does cutting teeth and a hand-washing challenge have anything to do with one another?  More than you would expect.  Cutting teeth causes ALOT of drool... Which in turn causes diarrhea... which causes some BAD diaper rash..  (Seriously... the last time his bum looked like this was when he had to wear Pampers Ultra Dry in the hospital).

Cloth Diapers, would I do it again?

First time in Cloth,  still in the NICU.
When we were pregnant (and before the world changed)  I started researching ways to save money, and the most common thing to come up was to go with cloth diapers.  I realized how much money is wasted on disposables (or 'sposies in the cloth diapering world).  I have never really been a fan of disposable 1-use items.  If I use something disposable it usually is something that is used multiple times but if I forget it somewhere, then it's no biggie.  I always thought 1-use items were a major waste of money...  sposies are a HUGE HUGE waste of money.
Whenever the discussion comes up (usually by me first :P, and second only to breastfeeding!) I usually get the "look".. like "are you nuts woman?" 

Never Enough GREEN pins

I follow a blog named "No Big Dill" and she just got a new sewing studio, so she has making the whole room orange in a "Never Enough Orange" series.  I personally prefer Green!

C-Section. my opinion.

Emergencies happen.
When you are a mom of a NICU baby you more than likely had a C-section.  It usually comes with the territory.  I posted on my Facebook page after Lil'C was born about how I don't get how anyone would choose to go through that.  The pain, the pills, the separation from your child, etc.   I wanted to have a standard un-medicated delivery.. which is about as far as possible from what I got.   The life of my son was worth it.   I still don't understand why anyone would choose major abdominal surgery instead of a natural process. 
One "friend's" response was "To save your Vah-Jay Jay!"    I didn't respond to her.. the only thought running through my head was... "really???  Your hubby is failing at his job then... " but I of  course did not tell her that.

Guest Post #3 at Rediscovering Domesticity!

Last week Rediscovering Domesticity ran the second of three guest blogs about "Breastfeeding in the NICU" Rediscovering Domesticity is a blog I have been following for awhile now.
 The first one "Breastfeeding in the NICU: an obtainable goal" is our breastfeeding success story. The second one "Breastfeeding in the NICU: Things that help" is about some helpful NICU advice.

Doggy Mom, no more...

Azul at 6 weeks old
Our little family of 4 went down to 3 last night.
Big C, my brother and a family friend decided to practice at our home-made shooting range last night, in the dark.
The dogs were playing around the range and the guys tried to keep them under control.  They even tied up one of them who loves to chase bullets, fireworks and sparks, but Azul was so well trained... and his collar was missing.  They tried to keep him sitting next to them but apparently he walked around the back and worked his way down range of the shooting range without them realizing it.

Pin-stripe Jumper Tutorial!

I made a little pin-stripe jumper for Lil'C to wear for Easter.  The coolest thing about it?  It's reversible :D

To get the pattern for this jumper check out last week's post :D

Co-Sleeping/Bed sharing, Why we do it.

Our Space
When I was pregnant, I was against the idea of Bed-Sharing.  What if I roll on him?  What if he gets stuck?  What about SIDS.. Etc.. Etc..